Voices from Wales

Despite what the media may have us believe, not everyone is on board with the official government line on coronavirus and the lockdown.

Below are 2 content creators from Wales who are questioning what we are being told.

Cid Lararou

Cid Lazarou is a born and bred Cardiffian of Greek parentage. He produces video talks and has a website RockingPhilosopy.

Click here to listen to some of Cid’s discussions on the coronavirus lockdown

Anne Brees

Anne Brees is a former reporter for BBC and ITV from Penarth. She is currently promoting citizen journalism to counter an often one-sided bias in mainstream media.

Click here to view some of Anne’s explorations into the media’s role in the coronavirus pandemic


Unlock the Lockdown

Unlock the Lockdown – a website run from Abergele with links and analysis.





Nation.Cymru describes itself as “A news service by the people of Wales, for the people of Wales.” 

However, this “news service” only publishes articles on the Covid-19 that helps to maintain irrational fear of this virus and justifies the lockdown (despite the growing body of scientific evidence that this fear has been manufactured by the mainstream media in lockstep with governments and the lockdown itself is unjustified).  Also, it routinely censors reader’s comments that question the “official narrative”.  Hence we can conclude that it an unreliable and biased source of information.

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  1. Exposed! The hospitals are half empty – Mumsnet 20th April.
    ….here we are 2 months later and hospitals are now as good as empty while people needing services are suffering and dying. Outrageous!
    Our local hospital is empty and I look over a sports centre and school that was converted into recovery hospital of a couple of hundred beds that has never been used and staff laid off. Outrageous!
    The hospital installed a large triage marquee that has cost £6000 a week and never used. Outrageous!
    It all might have been excusable 2 months ago but to continue the charade is OUTRAGEOUS!!

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