Ian R. Crane Alternative View

Ian R. Crane long standing campaigner against fracking in the UK, has been in critical condition in hospital suffering from cancer. His fate depends on success or failure of an operation this weekend. He states his odds are not good.

Last year Ian eangaged in a speaking tour educating people about the dangers of 5G technology being introduced without any safety checks. I went to one of his talks in St Dogmaels (near Cardigan) in the autumn. The hall was packed.

From his hospial bed, Ian gave a short talk. Extracts from the talk are pasted below:

What I see is very different from what is being portrayed. I have the ward to myself. So they are not inundated. And of course the other factor seems to be that any death is now going to be recorded as covid related, regardless. And that’s an attempt to maintain the charade of the numbers of deaths.

Nobody should mourn me. That’s why I’ve kept it [my illness] as quiet as possible for as long as possible because my story isn’t the big picture. It’s important that communities look at the bigger picture. And it’s really important that communities find a way to come together because that’s what is going on right now – an attempt to break up communities. The other side of it is perhaps giving families an opportunity to come back together. But many of those families are going to struggle financially. And I think they are going to take it to the point where something like universal credit will be on offer provided you follow the protocols. You know what that means.

It really is time. We’ve been making the call now for two decades now. The community activism, particularly against fracking, was incredibly successful. I suspect a big part of this is to try and break up the local community activism and take literally full control of people’s lives.

I think we know how this is going to play out. I think what is important is that communities come together and decide just how they want to respond. All we can do now is encourage people to take a step back, because now they have the time to do so, and look at everything that is occurring.

To listen to the full 15 minute talk click here.