Risk of COVID-19 death for under 65 year olds

Greater chance of dying commuting than of COVID-19 for under 65’s

risk of dying from covid-19Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford university has competed a study looking at the risk of dying from COVID-19 infection of people under the age of 65.
His analysis has shown that this demographic has less of a chance of dying from COVID-19 than dying from a fatal accident while commuting to work.

This degree of risk (or lack of it) applies even to areas of high infection and numbers of COVID-19 related deaths, sometimes referred to as global hotspots.

“CONCLUSIONS: People <65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in the hotbeds of the pandemic and deaths for people <65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon. Strategies focusing specifically on protecting high-risk elderly individuals should be considered in managing the pandemic.”

To review the analysis in greater detail, see: Population-level COVID-19 mortality risk for non-elderly individuals


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