Responses of Welsh Assembly Members to Stop Lockdown appreal

On the 13th of April every Assembly member was sent the  letter detailing the facts that COVID-19 was not as deadly or as contagious as first postulated and the continued lockdown would potentially cause more death and suffering than if life carried on as normal.

These facts were all backed by links to source material including a number of respected and prominent experts in the fields of contagious diseases, virology and pandemics.

A copy of the text of the email sent every AM is pasted below:

Critical information on the COVID-19 pandemic in Wales

Annwyl Aelod Seneddol,

The COVID-19 pandemic and the response of the Senedd to lockdown the nation is causing great stress and hardship on the people of Wales, as I am sure you are aware.

I understand that you will be voting to either increase, extend, relax or remove the lockdown on Wednesday 15 April.

I have attached a letter detailing some crucial facts about this pandemic that you must see to make a fully informed decision.

The contents of this letter is also displayed on the front page of the website: WeThePeople.Wales

It is not a long letter but it contains vital information for your consideration.

Although I don’t expect to enter into a debate over the issues presented, I do require an acknowledgment that you have read and given consideration to the facts presented in the letter and/or on the website.

Gan ddiolch am eich sylw buan i’r mater hwn,
We the People Wales

As of 22:00 14 April, approximately 24 hours after sending the email to the total 60 AM’s I have received 9 replies,  13 Automatic machine responses, and 38 members gave no response yet.

View the responses here

View the Automatic machine responses here

View the list of AM’s who provided no response, automatic or otherwise

So, in short, only 9 out of 60 AM’s have acknowledged the letter detailing our concerns over the response to the lockdown so far.

This and other pages linked here will be amended if more responses and acknowledgments arrive.


The same letter and attachment was sent to the 4 AM’s whose automatic response included a secondary email address for contact.  The 4 AM’s were:

Minister for Economy and Transport,
Ken Skates AM

Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs,
Leslie Griffiths AM

First Minister
Mark Drakeford AM

Minister for (unspecified in automatic response)
Kirsty Williams AM

The letter was sent on 13:00 15 April 2020

Any responses will be noted and updated here.

Received April 15  13:45

Llywodraeth Cymru – Derbyniad Gohebiaeth ein cyfeirnod TO/KS/01691/20/Welsh Government – Correspondence Receipt Our Reference TO/KS/01691/20

This is a standard acknowledgement confirming receipt of your correspondence to the Welsh Government dated 15/04/2020, your reference . Our reference for this correspondence is TO/KS/01691/20.

Please note that if you have written to more than one Minister you will receive only one response.

We scan paper correspondence, only retaining the electronic copy for the period stated in our privacy notice.  We retain original hard copies for a maximum of 3 months after we reply.  Anyone wishing to have their correspondence returned must inform us immediately upon receipt of this e-mail.

Where correspondence is part of an organised campaign we may only respond to the organiser and not to you direct.

Information about how the Welsh Government processes correspondence to Ministers can be found here:

And the Welsh Government privacy notice can be found here –

If you wish to contact us again for any reason, contact details can be found at

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