1 July

Government lies, deceits and its consequences

Have deaths from lockdown exceeded deaths from Covid-19?

Investigating the alleged Covid-19 pandemic

Screenshot from Investigation into the alleged Covid-19 pandemic

The Collapse of the Covid-1984 Narrative

5 June 2020

A statistical analysis of the threat posed by Covid-19

Compiled by American Larken Rose using USA statistics, the principles espoused relate equally to Wales and the world in general.

See also:  Shutdowns: Pointless, Stupid and Evil by Larken Rose

Why coronavirus lockdown is killing more people than it is saving


Stanford University professor and Nobel laureate:

lockdown causes more deaths than saves lives

“I think lockdown saved no lives. I think it may have cost lives. It will have saved a few road accident lives, things like that, but social damage – domestic abuse, divorces, alcoholism – has been extreme. And then you have those who were not treated for other conditions.”

A leaked report from the German government labels Covid-19  A Global False Alarm

The Strategic Culture Foundation reveals how a leaked internal report in the German government concluded among other things that:

The danger of this coronavirus was exaggerated while in fact it is no more dangerous than most other coronaviruses.

People who died of the virus would have probably died this year regardless.

Compared to the 1.5 million deaths from Influenza in 2017/18, Covid-19 has only led to approximately 250,000 deaths worldwide.

More people are dying as a consequence of the lockdown than the virus itself (largely due to delayed or cancelled operations and treatments as is the case in the UK and Wales).

The state proved itself to be the biggest producer of ‘fake news’ regarding the pandemic.

Large protests in Germany against the lockdown continue, the government has yet to respond.

Legal challenge to UK lockdown

A crowdfunding effort to challenge the legality of the UK lockdown regulations is nearing its £175,000 target.

The case being brought against the government points to a number of serious flaws in the measures, perhaps most importantly, the fact that it does not take into consideration the negative effects or the welfare of the people upon which it imposes.

“The lockdown has, and will lead to far more deaths from suicide, undiagnosed conditions, untreated conditions – indeed far more than would have been potentially saved by the lockdown.”

Statement of Facts and Grounds (87 pages) and the Witness Statement  (74 pages) in pdf format.

If successful, and the UK Coronavirus Act is pronounced unlawful and repealed, the Welsh and Scottish variants of this law would also be expected to fall.

British Medical Journal: “Staggering number” of extra deaths in community is not explained by covid-19

Two-thirds of the excess deaths in Wales and England cannot be explained by Covid-19.

The paper surmises that many of the care home excess deaths may not have occurred if the ill had been allowed to go to hospital for treatment.

It would appear that to “Save the NHS” many elderly folk in Wales have been sacrificed.

Read the full report here.