Assembly Members debate Lockdown

On the 24th of June the Assembly held a full session debating a motion to end lockdown and other issues of the Covid-19 “pandemic”.

Despite being a session for all members, many did not participate.

Still pretending that Covid-19 is such a deadly disease that it would be too risky to actually meet in a debating chamber, they all debated online from their homes.

(I get the impression that most Assembly Members belong to the “Lockdown luvies” – people who are quite enjoying the restriction on personal freedom because it gives the the opportunity to lounge around at home assured of a big fat paycheck each month – unlike most Welsh people – the people they claim to represent.)

This section of the debate starts with David J Rowlands who introduces the proposal to remove lockdown and the reasons behind it.

I don’t list party affiliation of the various members because I think it is largely irrelevant. As you can see by the block voting (as opposed to individual members voting on their own appraisal and conscience) political parties are a  to democracy and good governance.

If you are curious to party affiliation you can check them out here:

It’s rambles on for close to 2 hours and I don’t want anyone else to suffer listening to the whole thing, so I have listed the times various members spoke and a short summary of their contribution. This allows you to skip to whatever person you want to listen to.

Stop lockdown motion presented by
David J Rowlands

Darren Millar
Supports the motion but prefers more of a unified UK approach

Caroline Jones
Makes claims that Covid-19 is comparable to the Spanish flu and quotes erroneous death figures not backed by evidence.  Despite this she backs lifting the lockdown.

Rhun ap Iorwerth
Plays party politics and reiterates the unsubstantiated doom-mongering by the MSM. Claims we need to “prove” lifting lockdown is safe.  Wants a more comprehensive surveillance state (track and trace) to ensure “public safety”.

Mandy Jones
Underlines the fact that the reasons for lockdown keeps changing and its continuation is a far great risk for public health than to keep it going.

Gareth Bennett
States this is more about politics than science. Wants to mirror the UK government response. Ends with “Abolish the Assembly!”

Neil Hamilton
Details the actual statistics of Covid-19 that shows the vast majority of the population is under no risk of dying from this virus. Only the incredibly small group of people at risk should be protected, not the entire healthy population.

Rebecca Evans
Reads a prepared script claiming that the government’s action are based on science (without any proof of course because real science, data and experience has exposed the whole lockdown / social distancing /  etc. measures and unscientific and harmful).

Mark Reckless
Supports the initial lockdown of all healthy people but questions the continuation of the lockdown now that “the curve has been flattened”. He states we need to lift the lockdown now to protect our economy and health as a nation.

Paul Davies
Makes the false claim that the coronavirus has damaged the nation and economy when in fact all the evidence points to the fact that government measures have decimated our nations, not any virus. Calls on more government measures to help repair some of the damage the government has already created.

Helen Mary Jones
Says we need to go further with government intervention and promotes a virtual government takeover of our economy and culture “rebuilding” and shaping Wales in their ideological framework (“Green & Fair”) by sinking our nation ever further into debt.

Janet Finch-Saunders
Talks about the economic emergency created by “the virus”, yet typically fails to admit that the crises has been caused by government intervention – which can only be fixed by more government intervention.

Jenny Rathbone
Makes vague and unsubstantiated references to “safe science” and threat of “2nd wave”, need of vaccine, moves on to concerns about “cultural institutions” in Cardiff.

Russel George
Concerns about the disparate lockdown strategy between Wales and England – calls for unity in the UK. Decries the destruction of business, yet blames the “pandemic”, not governments’ actions.

David Rowland
Talks about the economic and social destruction caused by lockdown. Yet calls for more government intervention as a remedy.

Angela Burns
Calls for more government intervention to overcome the damaging effects of government intervention. Welcomes the reduction in carbon emissions in Wales due to the government crippling our economy and impoverishing our people.

Ken Skates
Compares the coronavirus “pandemic” to a fire that is “not yet out”. Threat of “2nd spike”. The destruction of our nation must continue. (Despite the fact that there has been no excess deaths in Wales for over a month.)

Mark Isherwood
Agrees with Ken Skates, yet niggles over details. Supports motion (but not clear what motion they are now talking about because they have left the details out).

Voting on undefined motion takes place. Voting done by party political blocks, not by by individual conscience or appraisal.

Voting on motion to lift lockdown. 39 against. 16 in favour. No abstentions

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