Anna Brees

Anna Brees from Penarth is a former BBC and ITV reporter but now produces her own investigative  journalism. She continues to conduct and publish videos examining the role of ‘legacy media’ in the response to the ‘coronavirus crises’ and other issues. For more information see her website:

Barrister Francis Hoar – Judicial Review & the legality of lockdown & media – 12TH Oct 2020

Jo, Sign Fitter from Monmouth

Jane, a teacher from Wales

Teacher from North Wales

Mike Chapman, Swansea

How is the media reporting on the crisis and is Keep Britain Free planning any more protests 1.07.20

“We interview entrepreneur Simon Dolan and behaviour analyst Leah Butler-Smith from Keep Britain Free about the protests on Sunday, and how it has been reported in media organisations like the Guardian, The Telegraph, Sky News, BBC News, the Metro and Mail Online.”

The woman who started the UK protests Keep Britain Free

Will social distancing in school damage our children?, 11 June 2020

A conversation with Prof Ellie Lee

What are we doing to our children? #usforthem Christine Brett, 11 June 2020

“When there is a law that is wrong we have a duty to stand up and oppose it.”

You can download a letter to send to your representative at

The Welsh Assembly Member in charge of education is Kirsty Williams, email:

Simon Dolan – Challenging the Legality of Lockdown 6 June 2020

Professionals Unite Covid19 28 May 2020

German Medical Professionals Unite 31.5.20

This short video reported on 120 specialists who had signed a letter questioning the science and wisdom of lockdown. It was removed by Youtube within hours of it being uploaded.

The Media Virus 26 May 2020

“Former BBC and ITV journalist Anna Brees speaks to print journalist of 20 years and NUJ rep, Henry Widdas about media trust during a crisis.”

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