An Open Letter to Our Democratic Representatives

Dear Senedd Members / Members of Parliament,

In 2015 the common flu swept through Britain and 28,189 people died  as a result. Hardly anyone noticed because it did not make any newspaper headlines and was not extensively reported on mass media.

The main difference with this virus (COVID-19) is that it made the headlines before it showed up on our shores demanding a response from public officials.

Governments in the UK were influenced by advisers at Imperial College London who created a computer model claiming up to 500,000 people could die prematurely from this contagion. The Imperial College study was never published in a journal or reviewed, and was based on largely unrealistic assumptions, as has now been shown.

These predictions have now been admitted as incorrect and the figure has been contiually revised downward. In other words. It now seems likely that this new coronavirus will cause less premature deaths than the flu epidemic of 2015.

In response, the UK health advisory agency Public Health England, has concluded the virus is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK due to its “low overall mortality rate”.

A new French study in the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents observed that the problems posed by COVID-19 is probably overestimated, since the mortality rate for COVID-19 is not significantly different from that for common corona viruses.

COVID-19 is not more deadly or contagious than the common flu

Using data from the cruise ship Diamond Princess, Stanford Professor John Ioannidis showed that the age-corrected danger of death from COVID-19 is between 0.025% and 0.625%, i.e. in the range of a strong cold or the flu.

In addition, the COVID-19 virus is not as contagious as the common flu virus that swept through the UK in 2015. The World Health Organisation has estimated that it spreads 50% slower than influenza (common flu).

The British project In Proportion tracks mortality “with” Covid-19 in comparison to influenza mortality and all-cause mortality, which in Great Britain is still in the normal range or below and is currently decreasing.

In short, the new coronavirus COVID-19 is similar to the common flu virus in that it causes flu-like symptoms. However studies show that it is neither as contagious nor is it more dangerous than the common flu.

Due to the unprecedented media attention to the new coronavirus, and doom-mongering headlines that help get attention and sell papers, governments have overreacted to this perceived threat through introducing lock-downs and social distancing guidelines.

Lock-down and social isolation IS more dangerous than the disease

Highly respected eminent virologists and specialists in disease control have publicly criticised lock-down measures as at best ineffective and very possibly damaging – resulting in possibly more deaths directly from the disease over a longer period and many more indirectly caused deaths (depression, suicide, drug-addiction etc.) associated with isolation, poverty and loss of livelihood.

Below is just a few examples of leading experts criticising government lock-down measures:

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, a world renowned expert in medical microbiology says blaming the new coronavirus alone for deaths is wrong and dangerously misleading. He describes the currently discussed or imposed measures as grotesque, useless, self-destructive and a collective suicide that will shorten the lifespan of the elderly and should not be accepted by society. He has written an open letter to the German government in protest explained in this video by himself with English subtitles. View below.

Internationally renowned epidemiology professor Knut Wittkowski explains that the measures taken on Covid-19 are all counterproductive. He states that instead of social distancing, school closures, lock-down, mouth masks, mass tests and vaccinations, life must continue as undisturbed as possible and immunity must be built up in the population as quickly as possible. View below.

Former Israeli Health Minister, Professor Yoram Lass, says that the new coronavirus is “less dangerous than the flu” and lock-down measures “will kill more people than the virus“. He adds that “the numbers do not match the panic” and “psychology is prevailing over science”.

Dr. John Lee, professor emeritus of pathology, wrote about the definition and communication of “corona deaths” as highly misleading leading to unwarranted measures.

The President of the World Doctors Federation, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, argues that lock-down measures are unreasonable and counterproductive and should be reversed.

Time for a rollback of the lock-down to limit death and destruction

As more data emerges it is becoming increasingly clear that COVID-19 does not present the threat to human life we initially feared.

The measure that governments have taken to this perceived threat can be clearly demonstrated as an overreach that will likely result in for more death and suffering than if the government had allowed life to continue on as normal, (as we do with every other flu-like virus than circulates around the globe every few years).

As the lock-down continues, the social, economic and health implications from these restrictive measures worsen.

Former judge at the British Supreme Court, Jonathan Sumption stated that:

“Hysteria is infectious. We are working ourselves up into a lather in which we exaggerate the threat and stop asking ourselves whether the cure may be worse than the disease.

Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University London, one of the world’s leading virologists and influenza specialists, comes to the following conclusion regarding Covid-19:

“Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching TV news which is sensational and not very good. Personally, I view this Covid outbreak as akin to a bad winter influenza epidemic. We are suffering from a media epidemic!

Members of the Senedd & Members of Parliament, study the facts and do your part to stop this madness!

It is perfectly understandable to be caught up in the panic that swept the globe driven by mass media and make rash decisions that on reflection were not the best course. Now that sufficient evidence has been collected and expert opinion is clearly against persisting with lock-down measures, we ask you to raise your voice against keeping the lock-down in place and help mitigate the damages this overreaction has already caused.

We urge you to lift lock-down immediately and return life back to normal so as to defeat COVID-19 without delay and minimise the damage already caused by these measures.

Democratic representatives arguing for the persistence of lock-down despite the overwhelming evidence that such measures are damaging to our society, economy and well-being, will be held accountable for their actions in the future. Truth does not fade with time.


We the People of Wales

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