30 medical experts question governments’ response to Covid-19

Experts Opposed to Lockdown

As the days emerge, more and more experts are willing to speak out against the mass-media manufactured panic and the knee-jerk response by governments.

The emerging consensus is that:

1. This new coronavirus is not nearly as dangerous as first feared

2. The lockdown and social distancing measures are at best ineffective, at worse they prolong the troubles caused by the virus.

3. The lockdown may well result in increased suffering and premature death among the population. Or to put it simply, the cure is worse than the disease.

Below are 3 articles detailing the concerns of preeminent experts in the field of disease control have to say.

12 Experts Question the Coronavirus Panic

10 More Experts Questioning the Governments’ Response to Coronavirus

Yet Another 8 Experts Speak Out on our Panic Reaction to Coronavirus

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